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overview OF PCB development

  • August 04, 2021

there are currently about 2,800 PCB companies in the world, mainly in China, Taiwan, Japan, south Korea, the united States, and Europe. From the perspective of global PCB revenue rankings, foreign companies such as Japan, Taiwan, and south korea are at the forefront. From the perspective of global PCB industry concentration, the total market occupancy rate of the world’s top 10 printed circuit board manufacturersin 2017 was 33.5%, and the market occupancy rate of Shennan Circuits, which ranked first among domestic manufacturers, was only 1.4%. The industry’s market concentration Low, the market competition among PCB manufacturers is fierce.

similar to the development pattern of the global PCB industry, my country’s printed circuit board industry also presents a fragmented competition pattern. The scale of enterprises is generally small, and the number of large PCB companies is small. according to the 2017 statistics of the china printed circuit industry Association, there are about 1,300 domestic PCB manufacturers (excluding taiwan and Hong Kong).

in terms of geographic location, my country’s printed circuit board companies are relatively concentrated, mainly in the pearl river Delta, the yangtze river Delta, and the Bohai Rim. The output value of the yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta accounts for about 90% of the total output value of mainland China. , And high-end products and high value-added products are also mainly concentrated in the yangtze river delta and pearl river delta regions.

From the perspective of product structure, multi-layer boards still occupy the mainstream position in the current PCB market. With the rapid development of technology in the electronic circuit industry, the integrated functions of components are becoming more and more extensive, and the high-density requirements of electronic products for PCBs are more prominent. High-end PCB products such as high-layer boards, HDI boards, flexible boards, and packaging substrates are gradually occupying market dominance.

according to Prismark’s forecast, for a period of time in the future, multi-layer boards will still maintain the primary market position and provide important support for the overall development of the PCB industry; it is expected that by 2020, high-layer boards, HDI boards, flexible boards and packaging substrates such high-tech PCBs will become the mainstream of the market.

From the perspective of product structure, the proportion of flexible boards, HDI pcb boards, and packaging substrates with higher technical content has increased year by year, but it is still relatively low. However, there are still few domestic manufacturers that can produce.

driven by demand for automotive electronics, communication servers, etc., multilayer boards continue to grow steadily, and their proportion is expected to further increase; the intelligentization of electronic products in the mobile internet era is developing towards miniaturization and multi-module characteristics, based on HDI wiring compared to ordinary multilayer boards The density advantage of these downstream products will increase the demand for HDI boards. high density, thinness, bending resistance, and flexible structure will become the future development trend of PCB, and the proportion of HDI and flexible boards will increase.

ENIG rigid circuit Board; lighting aluminum core PCB; led lights PCB

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