Дом Новости PCB Seminar

PCB Seminar

  • July 23, 2021

The global automotive market is recovering in 2021. TrendForce estimates that vehicle sales will rebound from 77 million vehicles last year to 84 million vehicles. At the same time, under the development of automation, intelligence and electrification, the consumption of various semiconductor components will increase significantly. rise. In order to help the industry understand market opportunities, the PCB Association specially invited Dr. Zhong from the well-known market research organization N.T. Information to analyze the development trend of the industry


1) The electric car revolution
2) PCB used in each car
3) Global buyers and manufacturers of automotive PCB
4) Light-duty vehicle shipments and PCB use of automotive electronics
5) Principles of electric vehicles
6) Views on ADAS/autonomous driving



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